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We are dedicated to delivering innovative waste solutions that are environmentally responsible and effective, and economically viable. This is so that our customers can enhance sustainability and achieve environmental peace of mind.
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Landfill Design, Construction,
Management & Landfill Rehabilitation

South Africa has some of the best waste management legislation in the world, but we still have some of the worst landfills. At this pace, there will be no unpolluted resources left for the next generation. Raalebborg Environmental is committed and equipped to make a change from the environmental impact face to the final disposal face. We have 30 years of first-hand experience and a network unmatched within South Africa.
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circular economy

We are passionate about the application and implementation of the Circular economy concept to divert resources away from landfills. Our unique design establishes a processing facility within your community to provide a sustainable waste management system and the creation of Green jobs within the Community
Our community-based Waste recovery systems are neat and cost-effective to construct and operate whilst keeping the environment clean and tidy, generating income, and building business for the entrepreneur and community-based structures. Our mini Material recovery systems don’t need to cost the Municipality millions but can save the Municipality millions through diversion from the Landfill.
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